Pay It Forward: Jannie Thomas of Selma

Jannie Thomas is a councilwoman for Ward 7 on the Selma City Council. It’s her job to serve the people. But those who nominated her for the Vance Law Firm’s Pay It Forward award say she goes above and beyond to help others.

“Because she is a hardworking person. She does a lot for her community and the city of Selma. she heads up many programs,” said JoAnn Walker.

Jannie Thomas leads the Stop the Violence Program for people who have lost loved ones to gun violence. And she can also be found taking the elderly to their doctor appointments and helping those around her.

“She was there for me during the time I was sick. She’s loving and giving. Everybody, not just her board. She’s there for everyone,” said Delores McGee.

She says she learned to pay it forward when she was a young girl even though she may not have had much.

“We always shared what we have. We believe in sharing. My mama always told us never keep your hand closed. Always open them up.” said Thomas.


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