Historic Jackson House in Selma Moving to Henry Ford Museum

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A significant piece of Selma Voting Rights history is leaving the city — and moving 800 miles away to the state of Michigan.

The Jackson House is where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other leaders planned and strategized during the Selma Voting Rights Movement.

Wal Jacksonhousemove PkgThe historic house was owned by dentist Sullivan Jackson and his wife, Richie Jean.

They opened their home to their close personal friend when he came to Selma to help lead the fight for voting rights.

For the most part the house served as the headquarters for Dr. King and the leaders of the movement.

The house is being packed up. It’ll then be dismantled piece by piece and taken to Dearborn, Michigan where it’ll be reconstructed at the Henry Ford Museum.

“In some ways it’s a shame because it feels like a piece of history is moving away,” said Sven Nuesken.

Wal Jacksonhousemove Pkg2The relocation project is expected to take up to three years to complete.

The move will make certain that the Jackson House and its legacy — will be preserved.

“Maybe the house can go and inspire some others to understand this history better,” said Nuesken.

“It’d be nice to be in Selma right, to stay here where people were. But, I see both sides,” said Andrew Lipps.

“My hope is that those who are facilitating this would really consider making sure that the space that’s left has something that represents what was there,” said Mayor James Perkins.

The Jackson House will join more than 80 other historic structures at the Henry Ford Museum.

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