Auburn Rural Studio builds emergency shelter in Uniontown

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in the Uniontown area now have a new emergency shelter for people left homeless — due to house fires — or natural disasters.

Student volunteers with Auburn Rural Studio designed and built the new facility.

“We started working on this as our 5th year thesis project for our architecture degree,” said AC Priest.

“However when we graduated in May of 2022, we were then approved to build the project. And so we’ve stayed on for an additional calendar year to actually oversee the construction of this.”

Wal Pcshelter0825 Fox PkgIt’s called the CHOICE House. And it gets its name from the local non-profit organization — that partnered with the studio — to build the emergency shelter in Uniontown.

The facility features two housing units — and a shared washer-dryer and work space.

CHOICE officials say it’ll provide temporary shelter — while people work to get back on their feet.

“And then in addition to providing housing we’re going to provide that direct support to help them get on their feet. So, finding them a permanent place to go. Helping them find employment. Or helping them to find the other opportunities and resources that’s available to them to create a more sustainable lifestyle for them and their children.

“I think it’s just really amazing to see something you’ve designed come to life,” said Priest.

“And also know that you’re working with an organization that’s doing really meaningful work. I think that makes it really, all the sweat worth it.”

Auburn Rural Studio is hosting a ribbon cutting for the CHOICE House — Saturday afternoon at 4 PM.

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