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The Butler County Fair Beauty Pageant

Alabama News Network's Jalea Brooks was MC

Some new queens were crowned today at the third annual Miss Butler County Fair pageant. Alabama News Network’s Jalea Brooks helped judge the pageant, which is a fundraiser for the Greenville Kiwanis Club.   Categories: News, South Alabama Tags: butler county fair, jalea Brooks, Kawanis Beauty Pagaent

Butler County Fair brings back “Kids’ Day”

The Butler County Fair revived Kids’ Day. The Butler County Fair is a fall tradition in Greenville. People of all ages come out for the food, rides and competitions. The fair is hosted by the Kiwanis Club every year, and club officials decided to bring back a special tradition this year: Kids’ Day. In the past, Butler County schools would…

Butler County Fair’s Humble Beginnings

Judging at the Butler County Fair begins the day before the grand opening. The fall season usually means county fairs come to town. The Butler County fair, hosted by the Greenville Kiwanis Club, started up the first full week of fall. While most in the community come out for the rides and fair food, the county fair really has it’s…