Truck Drivers Taking Precautions with Winter Storm

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Truck drivers aren’t taking chances as the winter storm strikes the southeast once again.

They drive all over the country through the worst of conditions.

 “Lot of rain, sleet, some snow, mostly sleet and ice,” said trucker Steve Loftus.

As another round of winter weather strikes much of the south many truckers have already run into problems.
A semi wrecked on the side of the road.
Traffic came to a standstill along I-65 near the Letohatchee Exit Wednesday afternoon.

We talked to several truckers at a TA Travel Center along I-65 in Montgomery. They say they aren’t taking their chances.

“If it gets slippery. I’m so old at this point now, I see ice on the side of road and it’s time for me to go to bed. I tease my mother, I see a snowflake and it’s a good enough cause to lay down,” said trucker Robert Leech.

Antonio Dozier was in Atlanta two weeks ago when the first winter storm hit.

“It’s pretty bad. If they don’t clear the roads the roads like skating rinks up there. I mean I had to put shirts on my shoes just to get out of the truck and walk. It was just that bad.”

Now he’s headed there again, but is playing it safe.

“That’s why I’m here right now. I’m on my way to Atlanta but staying here right now because I don’t want to take no chances,” said Dozier.

Their advice for driving through the winter storms is simple.

“Just be careful out there, watch what you’re doing.”

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