US Attorney Responds to Letter From Lawmakers Asking for Investigation

US Attorney George BeckThe US Attorney for Alabama’s Middle District has responded to a letter from several Alabama lawmakers asking for the federal government to look into the ethics investigation of House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

George Beck held a press conference Friday morning to say he officially hasn’t received the letter but has read it through various media outlets.  The letter, which is also addressed to US Attorney Loretta Lynch, was signed by about 3 dozen Alabama lawmakers.  Those lawmakers included both democrats and republicans.

It’s been alleged that the lead prosecutor in Hubbard’s ethics case, Matt Hart, leaked confidential grand jury information to a Montgomery attorney and political consultant to who ran the campaign of Hubbard’s opponent in the last election.  In a sworn affidavit, Baron Coleman claimed he used the information to create a “whisper campaign” against Hubbard during the 2014 Republican primary.

In his statement to the media, Beck reminded lawmakers that the Alabama constitution gives them the power to investigate any alleged misconduct in the state Attorney General’s office.   He said that lawmakers are the ones with oversight of the AG’s office.

Beck also said he has confidence that the trial judge in Hubbard’s case, Jacob Walker, will make the proper ruling on any alleged wrongdoing.  Beyond that, he said it’s a state matter and any appeals of a ruling would have to play out in the state court system.

Beck did say he would seek guidance on any possible violations of federal voting laws that Coleman’s allegations seem to imply.  However, he said at this time there is no investigation.  He also said that Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has not reached out to him.


Here’s a copy of the letter lawmakers have sent to Beck and the sworn affidavit by attorney Baron Coleman.

Lawmakers Letter to US Attorney George Beck





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