Students Excited About Harvey Partnership

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steve-harvey-show1.pngSteve Harvey announced Saturday a partnership with Alabama State University. Harvey says he chose to work with ASU because he wants to give back to a state that has given him so much.

“I owe alabama a lot,” Harvey says. “Alabama, for me, is a little simple reason. Comedy club up in Birmingham was the first comedy club to ever headline me. Ever game me a shot to make a thousand dollars.”

Harvey hopes to use his fame to bring more attention to ASU. He plans on working closely with the athletics program to bring back the Turkey Day Classic game and hopes to do some speaking engagements on campus. Students are pleased with the partnership.

“He is a great figure, that promotes a lot of events,” says international student Jimmy Iwezu. “So he in partner ship with Alabama State University, is going to do a great deal for this institution.”

“Our school is great, but with Steve Harvey, basically showing how he can interact with our school and all, that’ll make it better than it is,” says freshman Rafeon Spratt.

Some students are hoping Harvey will be a positive role model on campus. Others are looking forward to using him as a recruiting tool.

“I think Steve Harvey has always been a positive role model to people of color,” says sophomore Candice Lewis. “And I feel like he’s always done an amazing job of being himself, and also promoting what we all can be, one day if we all want to be great.”

“It actually highlights the opportunity that is here at Alabama State University, because that’s our motto. ‘Opportunity is here,'” says junior Darius Carter. “And with a bid media guy like Steve Harvey, it’s just great for our university. It’s amazing.”

Harvey is also hoping to bring his style to ASU.

“It ain’t no need in keeping it like it was, you know,” Harvey says. “Why would you do that? I want to do something, brighter, better, bigger, more, you know? My ambition is to bring Hollywood to Alabama.”

Some students are a little hesitant, but still excited about the changes.

“Oh, I think it has it’s good and bad,” says freshman Brittaney Anderson. “I think it’ll be good for new recruits to build up our university, but I don’t want it to be where everyone just come here mainly for that. Just come here really to get an education. But the Hollywood part of it, it can be good and bad.”

There are no definite plans for the Turkey Day Classic yet, but plans are expected in the coming months.

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