Bishop-Parker Furniture Sales Iconic Downtown Montgomery Building

BP buildingBishop-Parker Furniture Co. announces it has sold its downtown warehouse building. Built in 1907, the iconic building at 152 Coosa St. has served as both the company’s warehouse and home of its discount Warehouse Furniture store for over 20 years.

Bishop-Parker plans to relocate its shipping/receiving, storage, and Warehouse Furniture store operations to a new location. The flagship Bishop-Parker location at the corner of McGehee Road and the Bypass is not affected by the sale.

“This is primarily a real estate transaction,” said Matt Bishop. “The Coosa St. location has been a good home for our business and we look forward to building upon that success in the future.”

Warehouse Furniture’s new location will be announced at a later date. “Right now our primary focus will be emptying the Coosa St. building,” said John Parker. “We have a massive inventory and a limited amount of time in which to sell everything.”

Bishop-Parker is excited about the new plans for the building and what it will add to downtown Montgomery. The buyer will release their plans in a separate announcement. Terms of the sale are not disclosed.

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