Gov. Bentley Signs Suicide Prevention Act into Law

AP_876609537401Governor Robert Bentley signed The Jason Flatt Act – Alabama (SB11) into law, making Alabama the 18th state to pass The Jason Flatt Act since 2007. The Bill was sponsored by Senator Gerald Allen of Alabama Senate District 11.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in our nation, and 3rd leading cause in Alabama, for ages 10-24. The Jason Flatt Act works within a state’s requirements for In-Service or Certification Training by adding youth suicide awareness and prevention as part of that state’s training for educators.

Clark Flatt, President of The Jason Foundation (JFI), said, “Our goal with The Jason Flatt Act is not to make teachers into counselors, but rather equip them with information, tools and resources to help better identify and assist at-risk youth for suicide. Bottom line, lives will be saved.”

“The Jason Flatt Act in Alabama would not have been possible without many supportive organizations and individuals. Senator Gerald Allen and his staff were critical to the passage of this legislation. The support from the following organizations proved paramount to our success: the Alabama Suicide Prevention Coalition, NAMI Alabama, and the Alabama chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention” said Michele Ray, CEO of The Jason Foundation.

We want to congratulate American Football Coaches Association Ambassador, Nick Saban who took the lead and spoke at a press conference in support of this legislation on March 8th, which helped catapult this legislation into law. We are honored that Coach Saban took the time to contact key supporters pushing for this life saving bill in the great state of Alabama. He understands the seriousness of this epidemic, and stepped up to help save young lives. Coach Saban has been a longtime supporter of The Jason Foundation, working with them since 2001.

The Jason Flatt Act has now been passed in the following 18 states: Tennessee, Louisiana, California, Mississippi, Illinois, Arkansas, West Virginia, Utah, South Carolina, Alaska, Ohio, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Georgia, Texas, South Dakota, and Alabama.

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