I-65 dog finally finds new home


Grace enjoying her new home.

A dog living on the side of I-65 at the Greenville exit finally has a new home. The dog, called Camille by Greenville residents, was living on the side of the road for nearly three months. She avoided all traps set out by Butler County Animal Control and even managed to stay away from the food they brought her.

Finally, a man stopped on the side of the road, and Camille walked right up to him. He was able to catch her and take her to the animal shelter, where she received medical attention. All that was left to do was find Camille a new home. She found that home a few days later with Keith and Angela Meridith.

“And she looked around and was like, ‘okay! This is my home,'” says Angela. Angela and Keith first saw Camille on the side of the road when they were heading into town. Angela remembers thinking Camille would fit right in with the family.

“There was no thought in it whatsoever,” she laughs. “Because even when she was on the Interstate I would tell my husband, ‘oh I would bring her home in a heartbeat!’ So the heartbeat came!”

The Meridiths live on a huge farm in Butler County with plenty of room for her to run and play. She also has new brothers and sisters to play with and plenty of cows and chickens to chase. Her new parents also gave her a new name.

“We thought, and Grace just seemed to be the perfect one because, we’re offering her a free home,” Angela adds. “We’re offering her our love and our heart. And she’s trusting us with her heart and her love.”


Grace and her mom checking out the farm.

The Meridiths have discussed often what will happen if Grace’s former owners come back to find her.

“If they want her, I think that it’s only right that they have her. IF they really want her. It would be sad for us, for her to leave. But they are her first family.”

Grace was also seen on the Interstate with a male dog, who is still at the Butler County Animal Shelter waiting on his new home. To find out more information on adopting him, you can call the shelter at (334) 382-7806.

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