Montgomery Named One of the Nation’s Unhealthiest Cities

A study released by WalletHub names Montgomery one of the least healthy cities in the nation. Montgomery comes in at number 129 on the list of 150 cities, below both Birmingham and Mobile.

The study used data from several factors, including the number of premature deaths in the city, the availability of healthy food options, the level of fitness of the residents, and available green space.

Healthcare professionals say they aren’t surprised by the low ranking; they actually thought it would be lower. Dr. Jefferson Underwood says Montgomery residents don’t prioritize their health, and until that happens, there won’t be a change.

“I’ve been practicing for over 30 years now, I’ve seen Ebola, I’ve seen AIDS, the worst disease I’m acknowledging now is obesity,” says Underwood.

Montgomery did place high on one level of the study, the city is ranked in the top five cities with the lowest cost of a medical visit. To see the rest of the study results, click here.