Selma Mayor Puts Treasurer Back on Administrative Leave

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Controversy continues at Selma City Hall as the city treasurer is once again placed on administrative leave by the mayor.

Finance director Ronita Wade was fired a week after being placed on administrative leave last month and a temporary replacement was brought in to do her job.

Wade was reinstated as treasurer by the city council Tuesday.

But instead of going back to work she was placed on paid administrative leave by Mayor Darrio Melton.

“She came to work and sat in the hallway for four hours and they told her the reason she was sitting in the hallway for four hours was because they need some time to transition the temporary guy out, but that’s another way, a stall technique, because the mayor is full of lies,” said City Councilman Sam Randolph.

Wade’s attorney, Julian McPhillips, has filed a discrimination claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on her behalf.

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