LBWCC Gives High School Seniors Glimpse Into College Life

College 101 schools prospective LBWCC students on everything from finances to courses to student activities

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College leads the state in student retention — and one reason could be their recruitment program.

Every year, the college gives high school seniors a sneak peek into what it’s really like to be a college student.

One of those is McKenzie High School senior Camryn Reaves.

“I really want to be a plastic surgeon,” said Reaves.

She plans to stay close to home after graduation and attend LBW Community College in the Fall.

“I come from a really small school so it’s kinda more of ‘get a grip of’ instead of just going out to a place where I’m not used to,” said Reaves.

Reaves is one of many high school seniors taking a crash course called College 101.

“I’m planning on coming to LBW and I wanted to see what it’s all about,” said Antoinia Clark, a senior at Andalusia High School.

“I have friends that have told me about it and I’ve always wanted to tour the campus,” said Codi Howell, a senior at Red Level High School.

A four-hour tour gives prospective LBWCC students a real look at college life.

“The anecdote that I’ve always used is would you buy a car without test driving it and this is the same thing,” said Jason Jessie, LBWCC Dean of Student Affairs. “College is an investment in the student’s future, they’re going to make that investment and before they make that investment, they should check it out to see it’s a good fit.”

And it’s a reality check. Students are schooled on tough subjects like finances, and learn about programs of study and student activities.

“We want to see our students grow as individuals, but it’s all about teaching and learning,” said Herbert Riedel, Ph.D., LBWCC President.

For those with big aspirations like Reaves, educators say higher education remains a good choice.

“I tell them if they are planning to go to college or university somewhere next Fall, they’ve made a wise decision,” said Riedel.

In addition to the Andalusia campus, LBW will offer College 101 programs on their Greenville, Luverne and Opp campuses over the next two months.

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