U.S. Attorney Warns Against Jury Duty Scam

Authorities are issuing a warning after A Montgomery woman says she was almost scammed out of over 600 dollars…. by a U.S. Marshall impersonator.

The woman says she got a call from someone informing her that she had missed jury duty, and had two misdemeanors for failing to appear. She says the supposed U.S. Marshal urged her to pay 650 dollars in collateral bonds immediately, even giving her the address of the U.S. Marshal’s office to meet.

She says it took a phone call to the U.S. Marshal’s office to find out she had almost been a victim. Both the US Marshal’s and US Attorneys Office are aware of the scam and urge you to recognize the red flags before it’s too late.

If you get one of these calls from the United States’ courts, United States Marshal’s, they do not call people and tell people that you’ve missed jury duty and that because you’ve missed duty you now have to pay a fine. That’s just not the way we operate”. warns Louis Franklin, U.S. Attorney for the Middle Alabama¬† District.

Franklin says fines will never be issued for missing jury duty and warns that crooks may attempt a similar scam via email.

If you believe you may have have fallen victim to this scam, call the U.S. Marshals Service at (334) 223-7401





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