Keeping Pets Warm During Brutally Cold Weather

If you are a pet owner, it is important that you follow a few simple tips to keep you pets warm.

“Make sure they have a blanket, make sure they have a blanket or they have hay,” says Shannon Hudson, Assistant Director of the Pike Animal Shelter.

Hudson says it is important to make sure your animals at home always have warm shelter to go to.

“The main thing that we don’t want to see is when a dog is chained up. When they are chained they can’t get to shelter, they can’t get to anywhere warm,” says Hudson.

The shelter has already taken in a few cats whose owners were unable to care for. Workers say if you are elderly or disabled, dropping your pet off for care could make a difference between life and death.

“The cats are very well taken care of but this particular lady, she was afraid with the cold snap that we have, that the pets would actually get to cold,” says Hudson.

Food and water also key during the cold weather.

“Water is more important in the winter. They can actually dehydrate faster,” says Hudson.

She says it is especially true for pet owners with dogs.

“They will get real sleepy, they will go to sleep and if they have no shelter, no blanket and it’s below freezing, they will actually freeze to the ground,” says Hudson.

If you are elderly or disabled and unable to care for your pet during the cold weather, you can contact the shelter at 334-674-2422


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