Montgomery: One of 52 Places To Visit in The Entire World

The New York Times says so.

It’s one of a half dozen U.S. locations in the Unites States that are among 52 worldwide that The N.Y. Times says people should visit in 2018. Other locations include Cambodia, Iceland and Prague. Why Montgomery? Here’s the copy from the article, which focuses on the lynching memorial that is under construction downtown by The Equal Justice Initiative.
The Times describes the list as “a starter kit for escaping into the world”.
A monument to the victims of racial terror rises in a Confederate capital.

A number of monuments in Montgomery hail the Confederacy. Come April, one new memorial will speak for the victims of slavery and prejudice. On a hilltop overlooking the city, the National Memorial for Peace and Justice from the nonprofit Equal Justice Initiative will consist of 800 suspended columns etched with the names of over 4,000 victims. Another 800 columns, dedicated to the counties where lynchings occurred, will lie in an adjacent garden until claimed by and erected in those counties.— Elaine Glusac


And some of our own photos from Montgomery too….

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