Students Across Montgomery Prepare to Head Back to Class after Winter Storm

Students across River Region were treated to a rare five-day weekend thanks to old man winter

As last week’s wintry mix gripped the Capital City, students across Montgomery were treated to a rare five-day weekend thanks to old man winter.

“I went outside and played in the snow and stayed in the house and watched TV,” said student Lamarriah Austin of Montgomery.

School buses may have been brought to a halt, but students say they didn’t mind one bit.

“I didn’t have to go to school,” beams Jackson Taylor.

Photos submitted to Alabama News Network by viewers show just how much fun many had on their days off.

“There’s a great joy in snow though for the kids especially,” said parent Galletana Weaver. “My little toddler he loved it.”

Parents, on the other hand, say they won’t miss the icy roads and impassable highways.

“Driving and spinning around, the roads were difficult to navigate,” according to Patience Oranika.

And they’re ready for classes to resume.

“It’s good for them to go back to school and learn,” she said.

Only a few reminders of last week’s winter storm remain on the roads. But with more than 50 days to go until Spring, students say they wouldn’t mind waking up to another winter wonderland.

“It barely snows down here so yeah I want it to snow again,” said student Alicia Lewis.

All Montgomery County Public Schools will run on a normal schedule beginning Monday. Spring officially begins March 20.

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