Montgomery Firefighter Awarded First Responder Hero Award

Montgomery firefighter Richard Glenn’s job is to save lives everyday.┬áBut now he is being honored for stepping up to a different task-donating his left kidney to Billy Revell in November 2016.

“They were starting to search and I felt like this what I needed to do. So I had to go through the tests up in Birmingham,” says Glenn.

Glenn was a perfect match for Revell and now his courage is being recognized as a Alabama News Network Wettermark Keith First Responder Hero recipient.

“I came in this morning with just whispers going on so I figured something was going on but nothing to the exact measurement of the award,” says Glenn.

He says one word sums up this surprise.

“Humbled. Throughout this whole experience it’s been humbling. But like I said before just god be the glory,” says Glenn.

“I thought maybe it was a family member that he was doing it for but as I heard more about it, I found out that it was a church member and it takes quite a bit of courage and dedication to be able to do that for a person that you basically don’t know,” says District Fire Chief Craig Flynn.

Other fire fighters that work with Glenn from day to day, say it’s well deserved.

“Glenn is a excellent person and is an outstanding firefighter, get’s along with everybody and always willing to step up and do his part,” says Flynn.

“The fire department allowed me to take my time off to be able to bless him and through this I also received blessings,” says Glenn.

Glenn has been part of the Montgomery Fire Department since 2011.

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