Selma City Councilman Turns Himself In to Police

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma City Councilman Sam Randolph turned himself in to police this morning and is now out on bail after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Randolph was charged with public lewdness for allegedly relieving himself on a city street.

Randolph says he didn’t do it and the charge is purely political.

He says the charge is an attempt to try and assassinate his character because he’s been a vocal critic of the mayor and the police chief.

“The police force have a lot of pressing issues going on in Selma, such as robberies, murders, breaking in people’s houses than to be after me with a trumped up charge of relieving myself on the street,” said Randolph.

“Why would I relieve myself on the street and I’m up the street from my house?”

Randolph is free on bail.

A court date has been set in the case for May 22nd.

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