Fundraising Effort Underway for Selma Area Food Bank

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A fund raising campaign is underway to help a Selma non-profit that’s on a mission to stamp out hunger.

The Selma Area Food Bank supplies food to about 65 different agencies that distribute food to people in need.

Non-profit group, Woodmen Life is raising funds to help the food bank fight hunger.

The food bank serves Dallas, Marengo, Perry and Wilcox counties — an area of the state known for its high poverty rate.

Jeff Harrison is the executive Director.

<“As time goes on, its kind of like we see where the rich get richer and unfortunately the poor get poorer, And as the poor get poorer and people fall into circumstances that they had really no control over, that’s the people that we see, and that’s the people that we serve are the people that fall basically between the cracks.”

The goal of the campaign is to raise $1600 dollars for the food bank.

Harrison says that amount could be used to buy more than five tons of food.

Anyone who would like to join in the effort to raise money for the food bank can go to — and search for the Selma Area Food Bank.

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