Kowaliga Volunteer Firefighter Receives Alabama News Network’s and Wettermark Keith’s First Responder Hero Award

It’s a tough job battling fires and for  volunteer firefighters it can sometimes be tougher.

But Larry Warren is showing what may seem impossible is possible. That is why he is chosen to be Alabama News Network’s and Wettermark Keith’s latest First Responder Hero.

Warren’s granddaughter Gracie Clements nominated him for the award.

“I wasn’t expecting it but I sure do appreciate it,” says Warren.

“He does a wonderful job making sure that everything is correct, makes every single call and keeps up doing good work and he does it with the help of the best men and women in the county,” says Clements.

Warren has been coming to the Kowaliga community’s rescue for 31 years. From car accidents, brush fires to house fires he’s done it all.

“A little bit of thrill to it too. You’ve got to admit that. It’s a little exciting at times. Not necessarily at 3 o’clock in the morning but it’s exciting sometimes and it’s knowing you’re helping the community,” says Warren.

“He is what you think of, when you talk about community. He donates his time, his energy and really allows a fire department like this to function and function the way that it should,” says David McGirt.

Plenty has changed since Warren joined the department.

“Our budget up here at the time was usually around 3 thousand dollars a year. Now that what it costs to operate per month,” says Warren.

He says new equipment like this state of the brush truck is a game-changer.

“Get to the scene a lot quicker and do more with it than what we could with our old brush truck,” says Warren.

With all things it takes a team and Warren says he would not receive this award. If it were not for the men and women who work with him.

“These guys standing behind me right here are the true heroes. They make me look good,” says Warren.


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