Governor Ivey Proposes 10 Cent Fuel Tax Hike

Governor Kay Ivey has proposed an infrastructure plan that includes at 10 cent fuel tax increase. She made the announcement  today in rural Chilton County. It has been more than 20 years since the state had a fuel tax raise.

The tax raise would be implemented over a three year period.  It would include a six cent fuel tax raise in the first year, and an additional two cents for the following two years.

When asked if she thought people would be hesitant to accept a gas tax with the recent rise in fuel cost, Ivey says she believes the people of Alabama understand the need for infrastructure repair. She also guaranteed that the money would be used only to fund infrastructure.

The bill be passed by lawmakers for it to go into affect. Speaker of the House Mac McCutchen says that the bill will be a priority when the legislative session begins next week.

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