MPS Super: 99 Doors at Lee H.S. Make Security Difficult.

Four students are changed in aftermath of Tuesday shooting

MPS Superintendent Ann Roy Moore says she’s not sure if anything can prevent a student who really wants to get into a school with a gun, but the system won’t stop doing everything possible to stop them anyway.

She says there are 99 doors leading into Lee and its outbuildings, and the school opened in 1955. The age of the buildings and the number of doors make it difficult to secure the site.


“Having our security take some more precautions about checking having our teachers to make sure that doors are not propped open even if it’s not a student that doing if and adult is propping it open and going out to the parking lot and coming back some one could come in doing that time…”

Dr. Ann Roy Moore


Authorities arrested four students in the aftermath of Tuesday’s shooting, in which a student was shot in the arm. He is at home recovering and Moore says she will visit the student soon.

Three of the students were arrested because they were found to be in possession of guns not related to the student shooting.

The student charged with that shooting faces trial as an adult, but he is identified as 17 year old Michael Woods.

Michael Woods

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