Autauga County Artist Has Work on Display at High Museum in Atlanta

We profile an Autauga County self-taught artist

Brenda Davis lives in Autauga County and can’t stop painting.  She paints framed works of art, but also art on ceilings, floors, even shoes.

She is self-trained. She says her inspiration comes from visions, dreams and God. She said this to Alabama News Network Anchor Tim Lennox:

“I wake up in the morning times, Mr. Tim, it goes on all the time. It don’t never stop. It’s always all of me, I’m sitting here looking at your pants and I see designs on your pants, I know, and if I sit here and look at the sky I can see designs in the sky. I like being truthful, I just don’t want people to think I’m weird. I can look at the grass and the grass will speak to me. I can see the air where peoples might not see it.”

Davis has had some of her work go on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Other of her pieces can be seen at the Marcia Weber Gallery in Wetumpka.




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