Pike Road Fireman Receives First Responder Hero Award

Most first responders will tell you each day on the job brings it’s own set of surprises,  but they don’t usually walk in to unexpected recognition.

Lieutenant Blake Green is known as “BJ” around the Pike Road Fire Department. When he was presented with Alabama News Network’s and Wettermark Keith’s First Responder Award, it came as no surprise to his co-workers, but BJ, can’t say the same.

“I tell people on a daily basis, it’s something we don’t get thanked for very often, but when we do it’s meaningful. It’s definitely a good surprise” he said looking over his certificate alongside a handful of people that know him best.

“A gentleman” said long-time co-worker Carol Miller, “he’s most deserving of this award”. Her husband chimed in saying  “he’s really dedicated to what he’s doing, which is one of the reasons why we brought him on as a full-time member of the fire department”

BJ started his career with the department as a volunteer before becoming a full-time firefighter and EMT.

Green was nominated by a coworker who said he always feels a little more at ease, when responding to an emergency alongside BJ.  As Pike Road Fire Chief Matt Missildine put it, it’s his ability to put himself in other people’s shoes that make Green the real ‘MVP’. “He’s really good at that” Missildine praised “that’s probably the one trait I would hope others model after him”.

In BJ’s own words, it’s close calls like an ATV incident involving a young boy last year that make the sometimes thankless job well worth it each day.  “To see the individual from that incident now” Green said with a smile “walking around, smiling ,cutting up and enjoying time with his family, for me, that’s what it’s all about”.

Our First Responder Hero Award is sponsored by Wettermark Keith; Personal Injury Lawyers. If you know a deserving first responder, you can nominate them for the award here.





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