Alabama Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit Comes to Pike County

Alabama’s 200th birthday celebrations continue.
The Alabama Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit has been making stops across the state since March.
It’s currently in Pike County.

“You can spend hours in here or, of course, you can rush through it in 45 minutes if you want to,” Brundidge Historical Society President Lawrence Bowden says.

Put on by the Alabama Humanities Foundation, the exhibit highlights the history of the state.
It gives information about events and people that led to Alabama’s creation.

“It’s very in depth and if you wanna know about 200 years of Alabama, this is the place to come,” Administrative Assistant Linda Faust says.

The exhibit is made up of several kiosk stations.

Each station gives a closer look into different time periods beginning with the 1700’s before the state was formed to present day.

“We build on what happened yesterday and we’re still building right now and what happened years ago in the state of Alabama and it’s important,” Bowden says. “Our personal history is important.”

Residents of all ages can visit the exhibit to learn something new.

“We have to know where we came from and the mistakes we’ve made and the successes that we’ve had so we can continue to grow as a state,” Brundidge Rotary Club President Buriece Gracey says.

“There’s still a lot of it we don’t know and it takes a lot of time to absorb it, there’s so much of it,” Bowden says.

The exhibit will be on display in Pike county High school’s Arts Center through June 21st.
It’s free and open to the public.
The exhibit will be open Monday through Friday from 11 AM-2 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM.

Other times will be made available for those who cannot make it to those timeframes. Just call the Brundidge City Hall at 334-735-2321 and ask to speak to Linda Faust. Large groups are invited.

The exhibit will have traveled through all 67 counties when its tour wraps up in November.

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