Health Concerns Re-ignite Coal Ash Debate in Perry County

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Lingering concerns over the disposal of coal ash at a Perry County landfill has re-ignited the debate about the health risk coal ash poses to residents.

Arrowhead Landfill in Uniontown has disposed of millions of tons of coal ash over the past 10 years and County commissioner Ben Eaton says that’s enough.

He wants to ban coal ash from being dumped in Perry County ever again.

“The permit runs out at some point and time therefore if we have a choice to stop it we have an opportunity,” said Eaton.

Eaton has proposed a resolution to the commission banning the disposal of coal ash at the landfill.

He says its a matter of public safety.

“We know its not good for us. We know that there are things in it that are not good for humans,” he said.

However, not everyone on the commission is in agreement about the health risk it poses.

Commissioner Albert Turner says coal ash has not been deemed toxic.

So, he proposed a second resolution that would ban any toxic substance from being disposed at the landfill.

“I want the citizens of Perry County to know that no toxic waste has been deposited in the Arrowhead Landfill and no toxic waste will be deposited in Arrowhead Landfill, nor will I vote to expand Arrowhead Landfill to become a toxic waste dump site,” said Turner.


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