What the Tech? See the App that Helps with Homework

School kids will be back in the classroom very soon and when they are, they’ll start getting homework. With today’s ‘new math’, their parents may not be much help. So what’s a student to do?

Many will download apps to help them with the right answer, but some of those apps just do the work for them. Helpster is a different type of homework helper app in that it pairs students with tutors who can explain how to reach the correct answer.

Using Helpster, a student or their parent, will choose a subject and age level. They’ll then see available online tutors from around the country.

Clicking on one of those tutors the student will be connected via a video call which looks a lot like a FaceTime call. The tutor and student then can have a live conversation much the same as if they were in the same room doing homework.

Tutors are available for most subjects and age groups. I found tutors available online for elementary, middle, high school and college students in math and science subjects.

Tutors generally charge $20 a hour for their help but many of them don’t require a full hour to be scheduled for an online session. Helpster must approve each tutor before they can start helping students.

If a student or parent finds a tutor they like and prefer, they can set up regular tutor sessions.

Helpster has been around for several years and gets great reviews from students, parents and teachers. The company is currently seeking new tutors to come on board.

To apply, a prospective tutor must provide basic information such as any college degrees and subjects they can help teach.

Parents and students can also read reviews from other users of the app.

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