What the Tech? App of the Day: Deepstash

We can all use a little self-care from time to time. And inspiration is always a good thing, that’s
the idea behind the app “Deepstash”.

Every day, editors curate news articles, quotes, and blogs and publish them to the app. Stories from Lifehacker.com and entrepreneur magazine. Inspirational and motivational quotes from some of the world’s greatest minds. And lots of advice on how to deal with difficult people and situations.

On this day the app pulls together three ideas or articles on how love languages can improve your relationship with your significant other.

There are brief descriptions and well-thought-out articles and blog posts with advice and ideas. There’s an article from Medium on “How to become more intelligent, according to Albert Einstein) and in the topic of money, articles and ideas about turning a passion into a business and starting a side-hustle.

Deepstash covers topics such as time management, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, health, and investments.

Deepstash is gaining an audience and the app gets 5-star reviews in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

What I also like about this app is that the articles are short and there’s no endless scroll. It’s almost like the curators are pushing you out the door to do great things.

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