MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Cancer w/o losing hair + Kidney donations update + Men need to wear helmets on bicycles

Researchers said they’ve found a breakthrough in cancer treatment to prevent the devastating side effect of hair loss. Scientists at the University of Manchester said a newer class of drugs can target cancer without damaging the hair follicle… and may lead to new treatments.

Plus, a new study found that kidneys from donors infected with hepatitis c function just as well as uninfected kidneys during the first year after a transplant. In the past, doctors would throw away kidneys infected with the virus, but research at Penn Medicine found a big increase in the number of transplant centers using these organs and reporting good outcomes.

Finally, men are less likely to wear bicycle helmets, and a new study said they’re more likely to suffer from head and neck injuries. Researchers in Los Angeles analyzed 70,000 accident reports. They found only 21% of the men had been wearing a helmet, versus 28% of women.

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