What the Tech? App of the Day: Just Watch

One of the greatest things about streaming content is having choices. But it’s almost impossible finding something to watch.

Like many of you, I have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. I also use a Roku which gives me more streaming options.

When we sit down to find something to watch, I’m switching back and forth on the screen or in the app to look for something, but I just found this app “Just Watch”.

It shows everything streaming from anywhere. You select the content channels: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Roku TV, Hulu, Tubi, the networks.

Every movie and TV show streaming from those channels is on the screen. You can narrow things down to movies or TV and you can set filters to show movies based on Rotten Tomato score, genre and MPAA rating. You can also search only for movies by decades.

Searching for 80s movies, Just Watch lists every title playing on all of the channels I selected. I found “Wonder Boys” on Amazon Prime, and “Indiana Jones” and “Terminator” on Netflix.

Without the app, I’d likely be browsing for quite a while before seeing those movies are available somewhere.

If you see something you want to watch later, you can add anything to a watch list. You can search for movies or TV shows by title, but if you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time browsing, never really choosing anything.

It’s still overwhelming to browse through all the choices and if you have more than one streaming services you can spend all evening trying to make a decision because you keep having to switch back and forth between Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video.

This app takes care of that problem.

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