DISTRACTED- Program Teaches Students Driving Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association estimates that there are 1.6 million crashes each year from cell phone use. That’s why some Bullock County officials are teaching students some valuable lessons about roadway safety.

“There’s so much that can happen within 1 to 5 seconds of looking just to text back,” student Alsan Martin said.

Martin was among the juniors and seniors at Bullock County High School who attended an awareness program that teaches students the dangers of distracted driving.

Senior Trooper Dan Jackson of the state’s Public Information and Education Unit shared a video of the do’s and don’ts when behind the wheel.

“I emphasized the point of traveling 55 miles an hour, you know, and reading a text, just how much distance you’ve covered in that five seconds that it took for you to read that text,” Jackson said.

Jackson was joined by prison officials with the Bullock County Correctional Facility, and a local judge— all who encouraged students to follow laws and stay out of trouble.

“We want to bring it back and just educate our young kids on, you know, they’re getting out in the world. Juniors and seniors are driving so they’re getting outside of Bullock County, so we just want them to be aware with the things that could happen- what they take for granted,” Commission Chairman Alonza Ellis said.

Students say watching videos about the consequences resulting from distracted driving was eye opening.

“Seeing the people who crashed, made me wanna like, get the word out like don’t text and drive because you could really die,” student Allyah Burke said.

“Most the accidents were caused by texting and drinking and driving, so it kind of stood out to me,” student JoKyle Smith said.

Faculty and staff say they’re working to bring more distracted driving programs to the school system. Chairman Ellis says he wants to hold another distracted driving program in the spring semester before prom and graduation.

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