MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Hand-washing + Teens, Social Media & Sleep + Blood Pressure Meds

A new report drives home the importance of good hand-washing. British researchers found antibiotic resistant strains of E. coli are more likely to be spread from poor toilet hygiene than under-cooked food. In recent decades, E. coli has become much more resistant to antibiotics.

British researchers are also linking heavy social media use and poor sleep among teenagers. They say teens who spent more than five hours a day on social media were roughly 70% more likely to fall asleep after 11 pm on school days and after midnight on other days.

Finally, the best time to take your blood pressure medication may be at bedtime. Research in the “European Heart Journal” shows people with hypertension who take their medication before bed have better controlled blood pressure and a lower risk of death from heart or blood vessel problems.

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