Frazer Church Funds Three Bus Stop Shelters

Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church in Montgomery has raised money to provide shelters at three Montgomery bus stops.  Now the church is urging other churches, businesses and non-profits to do the same.

“We noticed that our friends and neighbors who take the city buses often had to wait out in the sun and rain. Providing shelter for them seemed like something we can do to make a difference,” Pastor Larry Bryars told Alabama News Network.

Two of the shelters are located at bus stops near the church’s Atlanta Highway location.

The third is in the Chisholm area near the church’s Transformation Montgomery outreach center.

In collaboration with Montgomery engineers and contractors, the two Atlanta Hwy. shelters were completed on October 31.

The metal shelters cost about $12,000. Site preparation and construction cost bring the total amount to $20,o00 to $30,000 each, on average.

According to Montgomery Transit officials there are more than 600 bus stops in Montgomery. Only about 20 of those bus stops have shelters, and the city is currently working on installing eight additional shelters.

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