What the Tech? Smartphone Video Gift Ideas

You already have one of the best video cameras you can buy.

New smartphones shoot 4K and even older phones shoot HD. Whether you’re shooting a video for Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, or just videos of the kids. Up your Spielberg game with these gadgets.

Nothing’s worse than shaky video, so a tripod or stabilizer should be at the top of the list. One of my favorites is the “Smove”. It has an electronic gimbal that keeps the smartphone steady even if you’re walking.

The latest model has a short self-stick and the controls are on the handle. The Smove Mobile also has its own tripod or table-top stand that can be removed when you don’t need it.

The “Smove” app gives you even more control over the camera. It works for both Android devices and iPhones.

The Stabyl Cam doesn’t need batteries. Just pop the camera into the holder and counter balance the phone with the weight at the bottom. You can mount any size smartphone or a GoPro action camera.

It does a great job getting a steady shot. I’ve been using a StabylCam for years and I never have to worry about whether it’s charged. Switching out a smartphone for a GoPro is simple and fast.

If you need to be moving around, a handheld rig helps steady your shots. There are dozens of these advertised by multiple companies on Amazon and other retailers.

The phone snaps into place between two handles. You sort of grip the rig like a steering wheel and using two hands is better than one when it comes to ending shaky video. Many of these rigs have places for lights and microphones too.

Speaking of lights, my favorite is the LumeCube. It’s rechargeable and has multiple brightness levels.

If you don’t use a stabilizer, the LumeCube comes with a suction cup mount that attaches to any smartphone case. Putting a little light on the subject makes a huge difference in the quality of the video.

If you want to make your videos look more like film and Hollywood, check out the lenses from SANDMARC.

A wide-angle lens captures more of what our eyes naturally see, while the new anamorphic lens captures cinematic quality video. The lens squeezes a wider field of view into what the smartphone lens can capture on its own.

The result is video that looks more like film.

With lens flares and an ultra wide picture the lens is for serious filmmakers. Both lenses connect with a clip or to a specially designed case.

One note about the SANDMARC anamorphic lens, you’ll want to shoot video with an app such as FiLMiC Pro which has settings for anamorphic lenses that will compress and decompress the video.

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