MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: New Vape News + Dementia Treatment + New Year Weight Loss Trends

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there has been 2, 561 cases of lung injuries related to vaping since this summer Fifty-five people have died. New cases have been declining since a peak in September.

Plus, a preventive treatment for dementia may be tested on humans after successful results on mice. Researchers at the University of California are working on a new vaccine to remove brain plaque and protein build-up linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists said it could be tested on humans in two years.

Finally, many of us are making new year’s resolutions to get in shape. An American College of Sports Medicine survey predicted the top fitness trend for 2020 will be wearable technology– like fitness trackers and smart health watches that monitor exercise and heart rate. Other expected trends include high-intensity interval training, involving short activity bursts and group training where instructors teach , lead and motivate.

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