What the Tech? Home Gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show

A few years ago at CES the buzzword was “connected” or IoT, the internet of things.

That meant new devices being released such as doorbells and security cameras were being connected to the internet and smartphones.

At CES 2020 the buzzword seems to be “intelligence”. The Internet of Things has been replaced by the Intelligence of Things.

Those same doorbells and security cameras are now being equipped with artificial intelligence and computer learning that give them even more functionality (sometimes at the risk of security).

From toilets to shower heads to trash cans, smart devices are taking over our homes. Kohler unveiled a new intelligent toilet that includes a bidet to help cut down on toilet paper waste.

It also connects to Alexa.

“As you walk up to the products they’ll automatically open and close and help you have that hands—free toilet experience that’s never been there before” Alex Van Gorden of Kohler told me. The new toilet also has a light that turns on automatically and it
flushes by itself.

Charmin is at CES this year with a bathroom robot that will bring you a roll of toilet paper straight to the bathroom. It isn’t on the market and a Charmin spokesperson admitted it might never be an actual product but that didn’t stop almost everyone from stopping as they passed by.

I also found a smart trash can that automatically changes its trash bag when it becomes full which is also perfect for the bathroom.

There’s an intelligent stovetop device that alerts you when the stove reaches the right temperature or if what’s cooking begins putting off too much smoke.

One of the more unique intelligent devices is a full length mirror called the NeSSa.

“Every day it takes a photo of your outfit in your closet,” said Takuma Iwasa. The mirror connects with your Google or other online calendar. If you’ve noted a meeting and who you’re meeting with the mirror will let you know if you’re planning to wear the same thing you wore the last time.

The mirror notifies you if you’re good to go or not with different colored lights at the top of the frame. “If it’s red, oh, you’re wearing the same shirt you wore the last time meeting with you.”

There’s also a machine that uses coffee-maker type pods to create or mix the perfect cocktail, and BodyGuardz unveiled new devices for travelers that turn hotels and AirBnbs into smart homes.

A video doorbell that fits over a door with no wires or screws, and another portable camera that looks like an over-sized can of soda that has its power cord and charger included in the base, perfect for packing in a suitcase.

CES continues through Friday at the Las Vegas Convention Center with over 4,000 companies displaying products.

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