Group Fights for Rights of Current, Former Inmates

One group is fighting for the rights of former and current incarcerated people impacted by Alabama’s prison system.

The Ordinary People Society held a rally in front of the office Tuesday.

Organization Founder, Kenneth Glasgow, led the rally to demand equality for the inmates mistreated in the system.
Family members were given the opportunity to share their concerns about the treatment their love ones experienced while in prison.

“The one’s that’s closed to the problem is closes the the solution the LGBTQ are the lead and center of their movement. the women are the leading center of their movement so in the criminal justice movement who should be leading should be formally a currently incarcerated people,” Kenneth Glasgow, President of Ordinary People Society.

Protestors then marched two blocks to the state house to sit in on the final study group meeting on the state prison system.

In that meeting, the group continued its discussion on how to improve the state prison system that’s currently under federal scrutiny.  Members talked about programs aimed stopping repeat offenders, changes to sentences, as well has prison education and mental health treatment.

However, panel members say in order to do any of this, they will need more funding.

The group will write a report for Governor Ivey in time for the upcoming legislative session.

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