MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Pediatrician visits drop + Pro-vaping on social media + FDA sunscreen warnings

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh said visits to pediatricians have fallen sharply in recent years. Primary care child visits dropped 14% between 2008 and 2016. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Researchers said one possible reason is that young people are getting better preventative care, but another factor may be that families are afraid of big medical bills.

Plus, the federal crackdown on underage e-cigarette use seems to have had little effect on social media. A Cal-Berkeley study of Instagram posts found pro-vaping hashtags were 10,000 times more popular than anti-vaping ones.

Finally, the Food and Drug Administration is warning of sunscreens with active chemicals that can seep into a person’s bloodstream. FDA scientists said the chemicals’ presence in the blood doesn’t mean those sunscreens are unsafe, but they said it means more research is needed.

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