The 2020 Capital City Classic Show Choir Competition

Choirs from across the Southeast were in town for the annual Capital City Classic, a show choir competition hosted by Tallassee High School.

The event kicked off Friday at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Middle School choirs from Alabama and Georgia competed in different divisions, then Saturday, high school students from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee took the stage.

Alabama News Network’s Samantha Williams MC’d part of the event.

More than 40 groups performed. The competition Saturday started at 7:30 a.m. the the last group performed at 9:30 p.m.

“Many people today look at our culture and young people as a ‘glass that’s half empty,’ but we see it as a glass that’s half full. We see that young people today have a tremendous work ethic. They’re fantastic young people with an amazing skill set, and this makes them amazing people and makes our world better,” Michael Bird, Tallassee Choral Director and Assistant Band Director, told Alabama News Network.

“If people have never seen high school show choirs, it’s like seeing a professional Broadway show,” Jerry Cunningham, Fine Arts Director of Tallassee City schools, explained.

This event brings thousands to Montgomery, which is great for the economy and tourism. The Capital City Classic started in 2009.