Flooding Causing Concerns for River Region

A photo of the flooded Riverwalk Amphitheatre in Montgomery.
Flooding at Riverwalk Amphitheatre in downtown Montgomery - Alabama News Network Facebook fan

Waters continue to rise in Alabama’s rivers due to the continued rain fall amounts. That is causing flooding concerns here in the River Region.

RiverFront Park is flooded with waters crested at 40 feet.
That is an extreme amount, according to Christina Golden with the Montgomery’s Special Events Department

“It’s a safety risk. There’s really no way to board the boat at this point,” Golden said.

The flooding is causing cancellations for the Harriett 2 Riverboat Valentines Cruises scheduled this weekend.

“We just don’t want any of our clients, customers, anybody going down there and getting injured or not being able to get on the boat and have the experience that they paid for,” Golden said.

Montgomery County EMA’s Mark Barrett is warning residents living in low lying areas and near waterways
to be cautious.

“Always pay attention the water levels. Pay attention to how much rains coming. And if you know that the water is gonna come up a little bit, you need to pay attention to that and go ahead and get out of those areas before the water reaches your home,” Barrett said.

Barrett also says to avoid driving through roads and highways that have become flooded. And if you have animas, to remember them as well.

“gG ahead and move them before the water gets up and before you get cut off and we have to get out there and try to get them through the water and out of the danger,” Barrett said.

With more rain likely this week, officials say your safety should be top priority.

“I tell em, you know, mother nature does not check with us when she decides to do things like this,” Golden said.

Barrett said no one should panic now. But it says you should have a plan in place before flooding occurs in your area.
You can also stay weather aware through our Alabama News Network Weather Authority app, which is free in your app store.

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