What the Tech? App of the Day: Sega Catcher Online

If your favorite arcade game is one of those claw machines where you try to grab plush toys, tech gadgets, and figurines, you’re going to love a brand new app from Sega.

Sega Catcher Online puts the claw from an arcade in Japan in your hands. The app launched in January on iOS devices in America. It works just like the games that frustrate you so in your local arcade or eatery.

There are two buttons, one that moves the claw left and right and another that pushes it forward.

Just like the claw games you play, the claw stops when you stop pressing the buttons and falls onto the prize. Of course, it always seems like you dropped it just perfect but it rarely makes it up in the air and to the dropoff spot.

Make no mistake, you are playing a real live claw game in Japan.

Prizes are mostly anime character figurines and plush toys. Sega says any prize you win will be shipped for free to your home or work address.

The app is free but you do not play for free.

Each game takes at least 200 credits depending on the available prize. While the game gives you some credits to start off with, you have to pay for more plays.

130 credits cost $1.99 and you can get discounts if you buy credits in bulk.

For instance, 8800 credits cost $100. You can also earn free credits by opening the app every day.

My suggestion is to take advantage of the practice sessions before you go spending the credits. One key point I should mention is that you have to open an account and give them your email address and phone number.

It isn’t easy of course, and judging from the official video released by Sega on YouTube, it took two hosts in Japan over 20 times to get one of the prizes to drop.

Wonder what it feels like to win a prize in one of those arcade games? I’ll never know.

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