12-Year-Old Twins Inspire Bill Which Would Provide Free Feminine Hygiene Products in Schools

It’s not everyday that 12-year-old girls inspire bills in the Legislative session but two twins in Montgomery  have done just that.

Breanna and Brooke Bennett are the co-founders of Women in Training or WIT which began in July of 2019.
After learning that twenty percent of American girls and women cannot afford menstrual products, Brooke and Breanna decided to donate their birthday money to buy products for women in need.
“My mom used to work at a school where her students would come up to her, well her girl students would come up to her, and ask for pads because they didn’t have any. They used things like socks and tissue paper,” said Brooke Bennett.
WIT’s signature program is the WITKITS Campaign which provides free menstrual and dental hygiene products to low-income females. 
Now WIT is inspiring bills in the 2020 Legislative session. Recently, State Rep. Rolanda Hollis introduced HB-237. The bill would require schools serving fifth through twelfth grade to provide free menstrual products in the bathrooms. 
“There is one and five girls that don’t have the products they need and as a result they are not able to go to school and to work. It really is an issue that we have tapped into here and I’m just really proud,” said Brad Bennett, the father of Brooke and Breanna. 
If you would like to donate to Women in Training  CLICK HERE. 
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