Lowndes County Students Receive Meals During Coronavirus School Closure

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With schools closed due to the coronavirus, some students are missing out on nutritious meals daily. But Lowndes County School officials are working to provide meals to those in need.

According to Lowndes County School System Superintendent Jason Burroughs, hundreds of students rely on school-provided meals in West Alabama each day.

“We have a high, free and reduced poverty rate here in Lowndes County,” Burroughs said.

The school system has opened four sites to pass out meals until the coronavirus pandemic is resolved.
Fort Deposit Elementary, Hayneville Middle School, Jackson-Steele Elementary, and Mount Moriah Baptist Church will all be providing meals to students.

“We’re hopeful that we can get about 100 kids per site. With that being said, that will be about 400 meals, and so they can continue eat nutritious meals while they’re out,” Burroughs said.

Each child is given two bags, with breakfast and lunch items. The bags also include a fruit and drinks.

Burroughs also encourages students to use the time off wisely, by studying.

“They can be reading books, they can be using ingenuity and online software that we have with the school system. They can continue to utilize those services while we’re out so their education can continue,” Burroughs said.

Officials are also discussing ways to get meals to students who don’t have a ride to the sites.
The meals are served from 10 A.M to noon, Monday through Friday.

Students are expected to return to school on April 6th across the state. But State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey says that date could be pushed back.

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