Montgomery Humane Society Urging Bring Pets Inside During Bad Weather

As the rain and wind continue across our area, Montgomery Humane Society workers are urging you to bring your pets inside during this bad weather.

Executive Director Steven Tears said humane officers went out on about 38 welfare checks Wednesday and brought in at least 25 pets due to unsafe conditions. He explained it’s all in hopes that owners will come looking for their animals and attempt to educate on outdoor safety.

Tears encourages you to call the shelter immediately if you see animals outside in unsafe conditions. He said officers tend to get a rush of calls after dark, bringing fear that it’s too late to save the pet: “There’s this misconception that your dog has a fur coat, so the rain doesn’t bother them, but dogs that are in standing water… it does drop their body temperature,” Tears said. “They can get into trouble physically very quickly. Oftentimes when our deputies get on the scene, they have to be rushed to the vet to raise their temp.”

He said if you need a crate to house your pet inside, the organization will let you borrow one.

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