Pay It Forward: Buena Browder of Montgomery


Buena Browder has been serving the Montgomery and Chilton County communities for almost 30 years.
She, along with her husband, co-founded the Faith Crusade Montgomery Rescue Mission, which provides shelter, a thrift store, and food to those in need.

She recently opened Abner House, a place for women veterans.

“There are homes for male veterans, but very few for female veterans, and there are several that are homeless,” said Browder.

Her sister Dinah White volunteers with the mission and nominated Browder for Paying It Forward.

“I am amazed at Buena Browder for all she does. She made 80 in August and still continues to keep her eyes on God and tries to spread His love to all the women in the city. Like she said earlier, there is all kind of help for men, but not a lot of help for women, and that is her heart. And at 80, still coming up with new projects. Who does that?” said White.


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