Dallas Co. Deputies Get New High Tech Crime Fighting Tool

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A new state of the camera system is improving the process Dallas County deputies use to investigate crime scenes.

OSCR-360 is a new state of the art camera system — that’s changing the way law enforcement does criminal investigations.

The system provides investigators with a 360 degree view of a crime scene — with a single snapshot.

And as a result, now it’ll only take minutes for investigators to map a crime sceneĀ — instead of hours.

“The reason we have it is for our major crime scenes — any homicides or death investigations that we may investigate,” said Capt. Johnathan Cole.

“Could use it for crashes that involve a fatality or injuries.”

“If it can be used we’re going to use it,” said Sheriff Mike Granthum.

“We just want the public to know that we’re doing everything possible whether its technology or more training or what ever. We’re doing what it takes to give the community a better sheriff’s office.”

Granthum says the camera system cost about $10,000 dollars.

It was paid for with money from gun permit fees.

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