Traffic Stop Leads to Three Drug Arrests in Selma

Wal Dcbust0127 VoFrom the West Alabama Newsroom–

A routine traffic stop — leads to three drug arrests in the city of Selma.

Sheriff Mike Granthum says deputies pulled over a red light runner last night.

And when the car stopped — one of the passengers jumped out — and took off running.

Deputies caught and arrested 26 year old Devonta Cleveland of Selma.

They also noticed the strong smell of marijuana — and an open whiskey bottle in the car during the stop.Wal Dcbust0127 Sotvo

Deputies also found marijuana — scales — pills — cash — plastic bags — and a gun.

“It just don’t make sense that these guys are riding, first of all, you’re not too smart doing drugs to start with. But then you gon’ ride around in a vehicle — ‘Dirty’ we call it in law enforcement — with dope in the car and alcohol in the car — and then you gon’ do a traffic violation,” said Granthum.

31 year old Rakeem Harris — and 29 year old Terrance Smith — were also arrested and charged.

All three suspects are being held in the Dallas County Jail.

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