Rash of Shootings Spark a Crackdown in Uniontown

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A rash of shootings in Perry and Hale counties — leads to a crackdown on illegal guns, drugs and gang activity in the area.

“We gotta get these gunslingers off the street.”

District Attorney Michael Jackson has mobilized the Regional Task Force — to try and put a stop to a recent spike in gun violence in Perry and Hale counties.

He says recent shootings in the cities of Uniontown and Marion in Perry County — as well as the cities of Newbern and Greensboro in Hale County — are linked to gang activity.

“One gang group shooting at another. They shooting at cars, they shooting at houses.” said Jackson.

“There have been like four or five incidents within the last three weeks. This drive-by stuff can lead to capital murder charges.”

Therefore the task force has started setting up road blocks and conducting sweeps in Uniontown — to search for illegal guns and drugs.

Wal Uniontownsweeps MiniAgents arrested two people Thursday.

Forty-one year old Kelvin Ballard — and 33 year old Frederick Scott are each facing drug charges.

“It’s a lot of guns being passed around in Uniontwon and Marion. There’s gon’ be a crackdown on that. We’re gon’ clean this place up,” Jackson said.

Jackson is urging residents to report any drug or gang activity they’re aware of — to police.

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