Chisholm Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Named MPS Teacher of the Year

This year’s Montgomery Public Schools Teacher of the Year is from Chisholm Elementary School. Neporshaia Jones, a kindergarten teacher, won the award.

Jones has been teaching for 3 1/2 years but taught 3rd grade for 2 years. She says it’s and honor to be chosen 2020 Teacher of the Year. She also spoke highly of her fellow teacher at Chisholm Elementary and the MPS system.

Jones says this past year has truly been a challenge because of COVID-19 and the way teachers have had to adapt to teaching their kids virtually and not having the personal interaction that she knew her kindergarten babies needed. She says she want to thank those parents who worked with her and the MPS teachers and students making sure their children would connect virtually and in person classroom wouldn’t fall behind in their learning.

Her principal Ms. Lolita Osborne says she’s proud of Ms. Jones being named MPS Teacher of the Year and it speaks volumes about the great teaching staff a Chisholm Elementary. They both say they look forward to their students returning to in-person learning in the classroom and says they have learned a lot since last March when the pandemic started.

They’ve prepared the school and their classrooms with those safety items in place things like temperature checks at the schools entrance, sanitizing stations, children’s desk equipped with Plexiglas distancing and hall markers reminding the children to keep a safe distance for their protection.
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